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New York Fashion Week

on Wednesday, 13 February 2013. Posted in News

New York Fashion Week Hair

It's great to see that Californian style and 90's influence is being seen at New York Fashion week. Love Rodart's collection and the fluorescent dyed hair styles which they're describing as Kaleidoscope hair.  We would love to bring more of these fluorescent hair styles to our lovely Southsea customers. Just call us and book your appointment.

Helen Mirren's Pink Hair

on Wednesday, 13 February 2013. Posted in News

We've always thought Helen Mirren was wonderful but she's only gone and put the icing (pink) on the cake by sporting flurescent pink hair at the BAFTA's this week. We love her boldness as well as her talent and is an inspiration to anyone who has ever worried about getting older and losing their 'mojo'. It doesn't have to happen - take a look at Helen.

The PM's Bad Hair Day

on Wednesday, 13 February 2013. Posted in News

Sometimes you've just got to feel sorry for people who are famous or always facing cameras and TV cameras - don't you. A picture of the PM was spotted by a cheeky journalist who noticed that the Prime Minister David Cameron appeared to have begun to back comb his hair from half way across the top of his head. Now I would not claim to be an expert in politics but I do know a thing or two about hair and my advice to him would be along the following lines ....' David, don't forget to pack a small hair brush - and remember One Direction is not just the name of a pop group it's also a good rule of thumb for the management of hair on top of a gentleman's head. In your case I'd suggest you brush across and to the right and perhaps give it a bit of a scruffle when you're done. Don't forget if it can work for Boris it could work for you..... now run along.'

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